House damaged during the May Pensacola floodRecently the Greater Pensacola area was deluged by a record rainstorm that dumped twenty inches of rain in a 24 hour period. This was a flood from above and while most homes fared well others did not. You may have seen news coverage of subdivisions and neighborhoods engulfed by these storm waters.


Interestingly enough, beach areas generally did not have any of the flooding issues that affected homes or condos in town. Other areas you might think of as high and dry were devastated. It all had to do with storm runoff and ponding in local low lying areas. Homes built with good drainage and higher physical relief did quite well.

Some homes that were for sale had water damage and are now undergoing clean-up and repair. Some roadways through the area  were damaged here and there; some severely and will take months to be fully repaired.

What should you consider while looking at homes for sale as a Pensacola area home buyer? First keep in mind that this storm produced the most rain ever recorded here. So, this is not a typical occurrence by any stretch of the imagination but you should evaluate the likelihood of the property flooding when choosing a new home.

The first person you should speak with is a real estate agent that knows the community where you are interested in buying. The knowledge a good Realtor has can save you a lot of heart aches and a pile of money.