Home ready for real estate showing

Comprehensive home cleaning - your house should be free of dirt: Clean the walls, appliances, counters, floors, carpets, ceiling fans, bathroom fixtures and windows. At times cleaning alone is not enough and painting or replacement of items may be necessary.

De-clutter all rooms - Most people recognize that boxes, stacks of books, ironing boards, and baskets of clothes are clutter. But many people do not think of clutter in bathrooms and the kitchen. The key is to keep counters clear of as many items as possible.

Remove excess furniture and large personal items - For excess personal items and furniture many sellers may need to use a public storage facility to store these things. Removing these item makes your home look roomier and more inviting.

  • Remove treadmills and exercise equipment
  • Remove excess furniture

Depersonalize - We all have items we want to display and enjoy that are close to our hearts. However, these things can be counterproductive to selling your home. We want buyers to imagine themselves living in your home which is more difficult for them do this went there are too many personal items.

  • Remove magnets and photos from the refrigerator door
  • Remove excess family photos

Improve lighting - The brighter the lighting, the better your property shows. Adequate lighting makes your home look bigger, cleaner and cheerier.

  • Replace all bad light bulbs - Dead light bulbs not only look bad they convey a feeling of deferred maintenance, not to mention they make rooms darker.
  • Consider increasing the all light bulbs with higher wattage - This can make a big difference in how your home looks.

Pet, smoke and cooking smells - Every home has a unique smell but some are more pleasant and inviting that others. These smells can be a big turnoff to some homebuyers and need to be address.

  • Have carpets professionally cleaned
  • Use odor neutralizers and plugin deodorizers for a fresh smell

The whole idea is to present your home is the best possible light to improve the salability of your property and to fetch the best price possible. These steps will go a long way to achieving both of these goals.