The City of Gulf Breeze purchased the Tiger Point Golf Course and Country Club in December 2012.

Tiger Point Course Clubhouse

The primary reason for this Gulf Breeze acquisition was address a need to expand their sewerage treatment capacity. While this might sound strange at first one aspect of sewerage treatment is, what do you do with the treated water? Many communities apply this treated water to areas on golf courses through sprinklers. This is a cost effective and ecological solution to the problem.

The benefit to the Tiger Point Golf community is that the City of Gulf Breeze committed to refurbish the back nine holes and perform addition maintenance and improvements. Quickly the City began work on the nine holes, as well as, clearing brush from the fence line, repairing restrooms, improving waterways, re-sanding traps, fixing the irrigation system and restoring a storm shelter.

This new arrangement is a great mutual benefit to both Gulf Breeze and the residents of Tiger point. The Golf Course is at the center of this community and maintaining it is key to maintaining the value of Tiger Point homes surrounding it.