Gulf Breeze City Hall

On September 4th, a new ordinance was adopted that regulates vehicle parking in the City of Gulf Breeze, also known by Gulf Breeze Proper.

This change went on the books with few residents noticing but will affect residential parking at private homes and vacant lots.

The idea is to keep residential areas in the city looking good by controlling where and how cars, trucks, commercial and recreational vehicles can park.

Here are some high points of the ordinance:

  • No parking in front yards unless in a driveway
  • No living or sleeping in vehicles
  • Vehicles must be operable
  • No sewer connection to vehicle
  • No parking on vacant lots
  • No blocking of sidewalks
  • No long term parking by non-resident
  • No recreational or commercial on-street parking
  • No more than two commercial or recreational, parked perpendicular to street
  • Vehicles cannot be used for storage

As a resident of Gulf Breeze, I have seen all of the above occurrences, and I agree they are not attractive and do have a negative effect on the quality of the neighborhood. Ultimately this is a good change that will help maintain the integrity and quality of our community. Click here to see the actual ordinance.

Yes, this will also have a positive effect on real estate values; after all, no one wants to live or buy next door the guy with three cars parked on his lawn or the RV that has become the second home on the property.