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Pine Forest is a loosely defined section of Pensacola which is just to the east of Beulah. Like Beulah, it has more of a country feel, with large yards or even acreage, less tourism, and it may be a bit less expensive than its sister district. Homes tend to be medium-sized (three, four, or maybe five bedrooms) with an average age of more than 20 years. Most of the oldest homes were built in the 70's, although many were developed with the real estate boom of the early 2000's. Subdivisions in this district tend NOT to have homeowners' associations, and many people prefer that kind of neighborhood.

The majority of Pine Forest's residents are employed in management or professional occupations, split nearly equally between employment in manufacturing and labor. Most of the population in Pine Forest is middle income, and the average price of a home in this area is around $300,000. There are, of course, wealthy families and luxury homes to be found here as well.

One section of Pine Forest is almost fully agricultural, known as the "Grower's Area" and very popular for the easy access to fresh produce and nurseries from the farms all along Tangen Rd. A new subdivision is being built in the middle of it all, called Tangen Heights. This is true "country living".

Map of Pine Forest Pensacola

Schools that serve Pine Forest are Beulah Elementary, Bellview Middle School, and the much-desired Pine Forest High School. For those looking to find the best schools, Pine Forest High was selected as a 2018-2019, 2019-2020, and 2020-2021 "Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School". It opened in 1975 and offers college and career-preparatory courses for around 1800 students.

Some notable points of interest in and near Pine Forest include the George Stone Technical College, Five Flags Speedway, and Silver Lake. The Navy Federal Credit Union and new Publix supermarket are just a few miles up Interstate 10.

If you are looking to find a home with a moderate price range, good-sized lots, and a country feel, Pine Forest is a great place to start your search. We look forward to showing you around the neighborhoods and homes in Pine Forest.

Pine Forest Pensacola Homes

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