Listing Sales Strategy

Selling your home is one of the most serious transactions of a lifetime. Do you think your home deserves a well-defined sales strategy? Given the unique demands of today's real estate market, selling your home requires a real estate agent with a proven track record of expertise and results with a Marketing Plan for your property.

The challenges of finding new buyers demands a fast response marketing programs, leading-edge technology and the financial ability to advertise your home throughout the marketing term. When you list your home with one of our Realtors, you have the benefit of a knowledgeable real estate Brokerage with the experience to take your property from the initial listing through final act of sale in a smooth, professional manner.

Listing Strategy

When it comes to real estate, exposure is everything. We will promote your home to the largest possible audience of buyers and real estate agents through, three MLS associations, national and local real estate directories and her own, very successful, personal websites. We use a dynamic combination of high impact traditional marketing coupled with state-of-the-art technology that generates substantial results.

First impressions are critical, and we will aggressively promote your property on the worldwide market within 24 hours of listing your home. Full-color brochures, Blue Ribbon Open Houses, Open Houses, direct mail, newspaper ads, color ads, referral networks and placement on many top real estate websites are the start of your marketing campaign.

Price Your Home to Sell

We have a keen understanding of market conditions and will provide a Professional Market Analysis of your home to help determine a competitive price range that encourages agents to choose your property to show, serious buyers to make serious offers, and lending institutions to appraise it at a price in order to comply with financing contingencies.

It is very difficult to obtain a reasonable offer on an overpriced property. The buyer feels he should be just as unreasonable in his offer as the seller is in his asking price. Serious buyers determine the price range they can afford based on their down payment and monthly payment ability.

Unless your property is correctly priced, the down payment and monthly payment requirements will not be competitive. Remember, serious buyers are looking to purchase a property soon becomes very knowledgeable in his range. An unreasonable asking price only discourages him from looking at or considering your property.

Instead of adjusting your price at the time of sale, adjust the price now and attract serious buyers.

Promoting your Property

We take advantage of the latest internet based advertising opportunities.

  • Monthly e-newsletter sent to our extensive subscriber list, over 30,000 interested real estate clients
  • 26 Real Estate directories(i.e., Trulia, Zillow,
  • 32 Company-owned websites show your property
  • Youtube Video
  • Social Networks
  • Organic Search Engine results(i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing)

Professional Brochures

Realtors have access to all of the latest tools and new technologies to create a variety of full-color print brochures that effectively promote your property. To ensure vibrant, high-quality images to highlight the key selling points of your property, we always arrange for a digital photo shoot of your home's interior and exterior.

We distribute your brochures throughout the local market:

  • Ongoing direct mail campaigns to our exclusive database of local, national and international home buyers and cooperating real estate professionals.
  • To prospective buyers and real estate professionals, that view your property.
  • Direct Mailed to demographic and economic mailing list.
  • E-mailed upon request.

Open Houses to prospective buyers and real estate professionals.

We employ two kinds of Open Houses:
1) Broker/Realtor open houses for real estate professionals only. The open house allows Realtors a chance to become familiar with your property as soon as it is on the market.
2) Open Houses for the public, to attract potential buyers who visit your property.

Showings and Open Houses

When you list your property with Emerald Coast Realty, you gain our dedication to bringing qualified buyers and their real estate agents to your property. We will design a marketing program specifically for your home to encourage as many scheduled showings for qualified buyers as possible.

When we schedule an open house for your property, we promote the event with multiple advertisements, brochures, direct mailings, maps, emails and other proven marketing strategies. We will contact and encourage all high-volume real estate professionals to visit your property.